Hometown Hawaii

Many Native Hawaiians live unhappily far-away from Hawai'i.
Some are displaced by high costs - Try spending a few weeks in Hawaii & see...
Others can't live comfortably in their Occupied Homeland...
Anti-militarism threatens the gravy train & many jobs.

The Hawaiian Kingdom's many international treaties guaranteed neutrality, but America took & occupied huge lands for its foreign military forces.
In 1893, US Armed Forces "suddenly & deliberately attacked" the Hawaiian Kingdom. The United States was at Peace with that Nation.
Native Hawaiians were forcibly repressed (link). Yankee subsequently took all public & royal lands.

So on America's 1941 "date which will live in infamy!" (link) Native Hawaiian patriots in the tens of thousands had mixed feelings --
"A surprise attack on a nation not at war?" -- Then why those huge Pearl Harbor warships and armed forces?
America's "peaceful forces" under attack were posted in Hawai'i to intimidate Hawaiian people.
As an unwelcome military occupier, America's self-styled "Territory of Hawaii" was forcibly imposed on the Native Hawaiian people.

Of course, all Hawaiians remain shocked, saddened, & disturbed at violence & loss of life.
Americans still today are taught in school & via their corporate media they're "helping out" with soldiers posted overseas.
But as America cultivates, funds & supports crooked foreign governments & dictators... this naturally generates resentments.

In Hawai'i, the US government from far-away Washington D.C. still invites unlimited property speculation & prohibits local immigration controls.
The Feds established Majestic Hawaii, pompous & expensive.

Let's recreate opportunities for young Hawaiians to stay rural & thrive, and promote more stable communities.
Our diaspora is forced by militarism, racism, and economic starvation.
Hawaiians everywhere are a global voice.

Let's seize opportunity and build Aloha Centers around the islands, on the mainland & elsewhere.
We need better outreach.

Yes, most of us are economically shackled, struggling for balance on super expensive islands controlled from afar. But we native Hawaiians are resourceful, clever, and we'll not give up! We will never cease fighting to inherit our lands & wealth. We can always show our cousins true aloha, hospitality & community when traveling. Let's develop unforgettable Hometown Hawaii.

Hawai'i's Environment includes Hawaiians!   Last voyage of IZ, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole


Hawaiian Inheritance Alliance  (link)

Bruce Lambert